Friday Flash

Friday, January 3, 2013

Hearts: Social Emotional Learning

Welcome Back! It's a New Year!

I hope you all enjoyed your well deserved break…..I got in lots of needed sleep, five days of skiing and read two non-education related books!

As we turn the corner into the new year, I'm thinking a lot about the upcoming changes in our curriculum. There are still more questions than answers, but I'm putting in some plans to work with our Instructional Leadership Team to start answering the questions in the ways that we can for Glenview.

-What do we know about our students?

-What do we need as educators to be successful next year in meeting our students needs?

-How can we align our planning and resources to make sure they are supporting our kids?

I'm looking forward to seeing you all!


This week….

1/7: Mr. Witte and I will be off site at Math Training on Tuesday, 1/7 (Ms. Smith is in charge!)

1/8: Professional Development 2:30-3:30pm, P-7

1/9, 6pm PTA Executive Board Meeting- 5th Grade this is your meeting to represent at, who will be attending?

Minds: Teaching & Learning

Curriculum Calibration

Remember to tune yourself to the writing and math curriculum. We will be finding out about our second text pilot for math at the end of the month. Check in with Tom if you have questions.

In writing, you should now be regularly trying the mini-lessons, your students should all have writing journal, becoming comfortable with the writing program. Please talk to me or Linda if you have questions.

Support for English Learners- Adult ESl

Amy Prevedel, experienced Adult ESL teacher & Glenview parent, has volunteered to teach a six week ESL for Parents series beginning on 2/4 from 8:30am-10am in the cafeteria. Flyers to come soon! Please outreach to parents in your class who may be interested. They can bring their babies/toddlers to this series.

Why is Chelsea in my classroom?

Leading up to vacation, things seemed to get busier and busier! I still believe that you are doing the most important work on site and because of that I want to get back to being in your classrooms and learning more about our kids. You may see more of me as I'm hoping to prioritize time in classrooms. Please just keep teaching when I come in. I'll also be sharing more of what I'm noticing and this I think will inform our next steps for the spring and Fall.

5th Annual Dr. Carter G. Woodson Black History Bowl- 2/22

Let me know if you are interested in leading a team of 5 students to compete in the Black History Bowl on 2/22. Students compete to answer a variety of questions on African Diaspora subjects.


Thinking of becoming a model?

Teachers are encouraged to take advantage of a free, hi-resolution digital image of your school photo. Use it for your social media pages on LinkedIn and Facebook, send it to families, or have prints made for distribution. If you'd like yours, please contact Eric, and he'll email it to you

Maren's PBIS Day

We have been using Thursdays as Maren's Day to "cover" teachers in order to have SSTs, IEPs, parent meetings,or meetings to provide extra coaching and support from Kathleen and I when you are thinking about your students. In February, this will change to Weds. Same idea, just different day in order to accommodate the needs of the students in the combination classes. Any requests for her time on these days, can go through me so that she isn't double booked.

This Flash is Your Flash- communication at Glenview

Thanks to Terri S. who suggested we have a whiteboard in the office with daily updates/announcements.

In addition, if anyone has anything to include in the Flash (announcements, etc.) please let me know by Thursday pm.

Pick Up Procedures- Please read!

Please send students to after school care even if they say their parent is picking them up. The parent can always pick them up at after school care and sign them out there. This eliminates children waiting in the office, lost children and miscommunication.

Looking Ahead...

1/14: PBIS Team Planning Day (Salvatore, Havenar, Sullivan, Hogan, Toller, Wong)

1/22- MLK Jr. Oratorical Fest