Panda Pulse

March 27th, 2017

PTA Nominations

Nominations for slate of PRE PTA officers The Penny Road Elementary PTA nominating committee would like to announce the nominations for Executive PTA Board for 2017-2018 school year : President – Amy Toland, VP of Special Projects – Lindsay Tremelling, Treasurer – Sherri Stecher, Secretary – Amber Olah, VP of Fundraising – Jennifer Greco, VP of Education – Denise Rose, VP of Volunteers – Laurie Cockman, VP of Communications – Desiree Bolibaugh, & VP of Programs – Kelly Dohn. We will be voting in the new officers at the general PTA meeting in April. Please come and vote for your new executive board!

Wall of Fame Winners!

K: Fiona Wylie, Angel Jaimes Flores (Murphy), Brysen Wright, Norah Doroh, Elinor Finucane (Nelson)

2nd: Kenny Kloukpo, Tanner Bradford (Finez)

3rd: Jordan McLean (Smith)

4th: James Pedro (Roll), Cindy Madubeze, Lyla Wells, Evan Zegerman, Brower Evenhouse, Madison Tabert, Khalil Wright (Heinze), Jamar Barnes (Bailey), Mary Beth Martin, Maya Zumdahl (Zawis), Allison Snyder (Montoya)

5th: AJ Heintz (Montoya), Jazlin Hernandez-Acevedo (Kozemko)

Send your kid to the moon!

Virtual Reality at PRE with Google Expeditions:

Google Expeditions will allow our students to travel outside their town and even more amazingly into the solar system or into the bloodstream. The use of these resources will be available to all PRE classes and will fit seamlessly into many areas of the curriculum.

Google Expeditions is an “immersive, virtual journey” where students can visit a science museum in Australia and discover how animals have adapted or walk the halls of the CERN laboratory in Switzerland.

Parents here is where you can help! We need 20 iphone 5 (or newer) phones and their chargers donated to the school. The phones will only be used for this project and will be completely cleared before use. If you have an old phone around we would love to be able to use it to visit far away lands.

Please send your old phones to Penny Road's office:)

4th Presentation

Club Pictures!

The following clubs had their pictures postponed for various reasons on club picture day: Battle of the Books, Drama performers, Distinguished Pandas, Drama tech, Pacers, Art, and Recycling. The rescheduled date for these group photos will be Friday, April 7th. Please have your child wear any special attire if instructed so by their club leader or bring any props. Contact Tracy Battaglino at with any questions.