Peeta Mellark

Sponsor Peeta Mellark! He is the best guy of all districts.

Sponsor Peet Mellark, the best guy in the district.

You should sponsor Peeta Mellark because he is the best guy out there. Also you should sponsor him because if you do then he will return your favor. Peeta is the best guy there is and will do anything to get you to sponsor him.

Peeta is the man!

Nobody will beat Peeta. He will be the best guy out there and Katniss will be the only girl to win. Peeta and Katniss will win. No other boy will win but Peeta. Help Peeta win this fight and feed his family. Don't let a touch guy like Peeta suffer from pain or no food and water. Someone that is putting in all this strngth to stay alive can't just die.


Peeta and Katniss