Brainpop Jr.

Tech Byte Presentation by Kylee Golden

What is Brainpop?

  • Provides educational and interactive videos for students in grades K-3
  • Offers homework help, levelled quizzes, activities and other resources for parents and teachers to use
  • Movie of the week app is easily accessible on mobile devices

Why use Brainpop?

  • Brief videos serve to help students make deep connections to lessons
  • Provides mini lessons aligned with Common Core Standards
  • Curriculum based content that supports educators and engages students
  • Positive benefits for oral and visual learners
  • Age appropriate lessons for students in grades K-3

How do I implement this in my classroom?

I use this resource to introduce a new topic or review a concept that we have previously learned. The Christopher Columbus video was perfect for learning about Columbus day. The fire safety video worked will for the day after our first fire drill. I love how Brainpop offers an option of quizzing students at the end of the video to assess student knowledge. I use it daily in my classroom while the kids have snack. It keeps them engaged and the format is kid friendly! I never have a problem finding a video because there are so many choices in every subject area.