Digital Media

by Donald Greiner

what is digital media

well digital media is a type of media wich is digital.It is one of the most important inventions in the early 1800s. digital media is in loads of devices including phones, computers, tablets and much more.
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what is digital media most used for

Digital media has a large expansion of apps. Some people use it to play games other people use it for media has lots of uses some other ones are google drive, quick time player and google chrome
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which apps are most popular and when should i start using digital media

while digital media came into common use in the 1950s the worlds most used app is Facebook it has over 110,000 user, Another one of the world most used apps is youtube it has over 80,000 users. the reccomended age for most apps are 18 other apps are normally less.Mainly for children
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cyberbullying is a common thing on the internet it happens to lots of people.If can get so bad that some people even commit suicide though its not very common. if you being cyberbullyed the best option is to tell a adult
Cyber Bullying Virus

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