Japanese 1 Week 9

Study for and take Mid-Term Exam, and End of 1st 9 Weeks.

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News for Students/Parents/Guardians/ELA's:

This week in Japanese 1 (week 9). Students need to study for their mid-term exam. The mid-term exam will cover everything from lessons 1-7. This FRIDAY is end of the 9 weeks which is on Oct 28th. (We are about half way finished with Japanese 1!)

This week: We are studying for the mid-term exam for lessons 1-7. Students needs to study how to write all the Hiragana characters, as well as read them. Students also need to study all the vocabulary and grammar for lessons 1-7. Please check out the study links below.

Study Tools, use to study for your Mid-Term Exam!

☆ DUE DATES for Week 9 ☆

  1. Due Fri Oct 28th: Mid-term exams part 1 and 2 DUE!
  2. Due Fri Oct 28th: ALL MISSING WORK for lessons 1-7!!! (This is for report card grades going out next week!)

☆ Assignments for Lessons 1- Lesson 7 ☆

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