The Cage

Ruth Minsky Sender

The Cage

The holocaust and World War two was one of the most horrific catastrophes in history ever as we all know was terrible as we all know but in the book The Cage it takes you through what life was like for the Jews and people in Poland was like before during and after the war and camps. In the beginning life seemed to be jolly as can be getting ready for Passover for a family of Jews in Poland. Then in In 1939 this families lives changed for ever when the Nazi army attacked Poland. When Poland ended up taking defeat the Jewish family was carted a to a concentration camp where the family was separated and went through l the toughest life condition ever Imagined. When the war is over this family's luck may just started to turn around.

Text Feature

The first text feature that was in the book was the title "The Cage". Next one was located on the cover which was a visual aid and was a picture of a barb wired fence with a Star of David on her shoulder. Another text feature found was sub-titles like "Why me" or "Part One". Deck heading was on the easier side to find, an example of this would be " An incredible journey through the Holocaust". The last text feature that was in the was " Rifkele! Karola!". these are polis names.

Text Structures

The first text structure that really popped out from the begging was description, an example of this was "I see trees cover with big, green leaves, spreading out their monstrous branches like an umbrella". The word that helped give this away was the words big, green, and monstrous. The next text structure that was in the book was time line the example that was there was "It's January 19, 1945". The signal word in this text structure was "January 19, 1945".