Double Crop Soybean Coverage


Get $100 Per Acre Protection for Double Crop Soybeans

Stay on course regardless of Mother Nature's plans. Protect yourself with our Double Crop Soybean Delivery Contract. Guarantee yourself $100 per acre coverage this year for roughly 22-30% premium cost. Premium varies by county so call us for a free quote.

It's a great way to retain a revenue guarantee that could potentially be lost due to adverse weather conditions or other perils. Keep your peace of mind by managing your operation in a way that makes "cents".

Call Nita at

620-465-3474 ................or.................. 620-474-7807

Some rules apply, call for details


Choose Your Soybean Variety and Supplier

Pick your variety that best suits your application. Again you know your farm and pocket book in order to get the best results based on your operation. Buy your seed the right way. IT'S YOUR CROP, IT'S YOUR CHOICE!

You Choose Your Delivery Locations

There is no requirement for specific delivery locations so you may choose one or many locations to sell your grain. IT'S YOUR CROP, IT'S YOUR CHOICE!

Use Your Precision Ag Data for Reporting and Compliance

With technology investments you have already made, why not use it. Verify your production using your precision ag data for compliance and reporting purposes. Or you can still provide scale tickets to prove your production. IT'S YOUR CROP, IT'S YOUR CHOICE!

620-465-3474 ................or.................. 620-474-7807