The French are in Vietnam?

What would happen in the future? *cough* Ho Chi Minh *Cough*

What will happen?

From what I had learn, my teacher, Mr. Dail, gave us a lesson. He said that there was going to be a war, called the Vietnam War. First, Vietnam will create the Vietminh, named after Ho Chi Minh, there leader. They call United States for help, but they ignored them, because the United States are friends with the french. So Ho Chi Minh called for help for Russia. Russia said sure, if they would become communist. Ho Chi Minh was like Okay, we'll be communist. So they fought the french and won. Then the United States came in to stop the spread of communism. They believed in the Domino Theory. I'm going to stop right there. You have to go to Mr. Dail and tell him what happened next, or you can just research! If you're in my class, you should know this already! I'm finish now.


Okay fine I'll tell you. When the United States came in, it was deadly, I don't want to go in detail, because it's kind of scary for me. Anyways, the land was split in half. Communist up north and non-communist at down south. In the south, there was this Viet Cong. The Viet Cong is a communist party in the south, people who wanted communism in the whole country of Vietnam. They created the Ho Chi Minh Trail in honor of their leader. It was an underground trail to transport weapons, supplies, and aid throughout the war between the north and the south. It was kind of cool. At the end, the United States created a Veitnamzation, which means they let the war in the hands of the south so the United States can leave. They did this because they had bad support at home, and they were too tired. So yeah. I said it as short as I can possibly can. Now I'm finish. Got questions? Ask Mr. Dail.

Thank you for wasting your time to read this! :D