Homework: April 7-11, 2014

Mrs. Wells and Mrs. Reim



1. STAAR Connection #1

2. STAAR Connection #2


1. Same as PACE


1. Use the U.N.R.E.A.L. bookmark (can be downloaded from the "Newsletter" site) and complete "A Dessert with a Long History."

Digital Diaries:

Character Traits:

Character Traits: Letter P! Remember the trait list can be accessed from the website...click on the Reading Tab---Support the trait with 3 details from the story that support the character trait word followed by a synonym.

I am leaving the example below in case students need a reminder:)


Brian, in Hatchet, was anxious about flying the plane. He repeatedly called anxiously for help after the pilot became unconscious. Then, he avoided crashing until he ran out of gas. And finally, he threw up when he knew he was seconds away from crashing.

Yes, I certainly understand his anxiety and TERROR!

PACE: 5 entries

Regular: 3 entries


No spelling this week due to the amount of homework given.

Poetry with a "Reading" connection.

Students in both classes made a poetry fan to help them study the vocabulary they will be required to know on the Reading STAAR. Please review in a flash card format at least 3 times. A test will be given over the vocabulary on Friday.

Social Studies

We are completing our last Native American presentations. The students have been amazing.

Next, we are preparing to study European Explorers who "discovered" America.



3 activities...return the top portion of each activity sheet for credit.

Mark your calendars...

Book fair week-

Ice Cream Social 5:30-7:30 (book fair)

Report Cards go home on Thursday.


1. Mrs. Wells needs gallon sized zip-locks

and start saving plastic bottles and aluminum cans for our recycled ship project that accompanies the explorer unit. (rubber bands, styrofoam, etc.) anything that can float and is NOT bigger than a shoe box. (Believe me, I have had some mega-liners)! Actually, all their recycled supplies for their ship need to fit inside a shoe box.

I will explain this project as it gets closer. Fun times:)

And, the pictures below haven't been changed...hopefully next week!