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June 8th through August 14th

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What's Coming...

Monday, June 8

Teacher Prep Day

Tuesday, June 9

Community Education Summer Camp Begins

Happy Birthday Andrea Rummel!

Wednesday, June 10

Thursday, June 11

Happy Birthday Melissa Tidwell!

Friday, June 12

Office is closed today

Happy Birthday Kristina Cox!

July 2015

7/12-Happy Birthday Janet Westphal

7/17- Happy Birthday Elizabeth Garcia & Maricella Soliz

7/27- Happy Birthday Erin Franks

7/22-7/24 World Class Summit @ Stony Point HS

7/28-8/7 Summer PD Institute

August 2015

8/4 Happy Birthday Nicole Woirhaye

8/9 Happy Birthday Julia Powers

8/10 Happy Birthday Leslie Long

8/12 Happy Birthday Debbie Clifton

8/13 Happy Birthday Barbara Blanton

8/11-13 New Teacher Orientation

8/13 School Leadership Retreat 12-4pm.

8/14 New Teachers Work in Classrooms

8/17 District Kick-off 10:00 am at Cedar Park Center (Para’s AM but not PM)

Service Learning-Dell Children’s Hospital - A World For Children

8/18 Convocation AM & Data Dig PM

8/19 PBL Update

8/20 TTESS - AM Collaborative Planning Unit Assessments w/

Backwards Design - PM

Welcome Walk 4-8pm.

8/21 Teacher Prep Day

Texan Supply Drop off Night

8/24 Teacher Prep Day

8/25 First Day of School

“Success is achieved by developing our strengths, not by eliminating our weaknesses” -Marilyn vos Savant

Kudos to this Week's Staff Stars...

What another full and exciting LAST week!!!

Way to Go Andrea, Annie and team for your hard work in putting together the greenhouse and to Lauren and Andrea for your work with our 5th grade student school gift! It looks BEAUTIFUL!!

KUDOS to our Kinder Team for planning another exciting and extremely smooth Splash Day!! Our little Texans had a blast!

Warmest appreciations to our Social Committee for the wonderful end of year celebration! The cake and decorations were perfect! Also to our spectacular SpEd team for the delicious variety of ice cream treats!

As always, THANK EACH OF YOU for your hard work and your commitment to delivering world class instruction to our Texans each day! It's been one fantastic year!

Have a FABULOUS Summer!!!

Old Town Elementary Mission

To highly engage ALL learners in a collaborative atmosphere of critical & creative thinking