Ancient Greeek Government

Types of government in Ancient Greece.


In this type of government, power is held by a King who gains his power through inheritance. In the Trojan War (Homer's Iliad), the leaders of both Troy and the Greeks were Kings!!
Greece Government, Part One: Monarchy
The Trojan War ("Tainted Love" by Soft Cell)


In this type of government, power is held by a few wealthy landowners, called aristocrats. In ancient Sparta, a brutal society existed under an oligarchy form of government.
Greece Government, Part Two: Oligarchy
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In this form of government, "power to the people." Finally, the people have power. Although in Ancient Athens, the people, were only free male citizens. Women and foreigners could not vote. But still, it was quite an accomplishment.
Greek Government, Part Four: Democracy


In edmodo, describe a strength and weakness of each type of government (Monarchy, Oligarchy, Democracy)