Back to school for the kids means Back to business for you!

Wow... I can't believe the school year has already started but that means there are MORE women looking to EXHALE! Women need girl time too so why not encourage them to host a "Drop off at daycare & pick up a mimosa" show?!? Tons of stylist host day shows for moms that are very successful. Work in office? Ok... set up for 30 mins in the break room and show the new line! It's your business, apply the same dedication to your full job and it will pay you what your worth! Go for it... No glass ceiling here.


Donna Mazon & Naima Smith-Moore for Qualifying last month! Your totes will be arriving shortly!

Kudos to Naima Smith-Moore for launching her business with over $1000 in sales! Aside from earning a paycheck she also hit LEVEL 1 of the Rock The Summer Challenge. Enjoy your earrings Naima!

And honarable mention goes to Jacki Ezyk for 20 seconds of courage! Here's her post:

"I'm not a person to toot my own horn, but I'm proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone. I am extremely shy about asking people for their contact information. But I decided to try a new (for me at least) approach. Instead of handing that random person my biz card and a catalog when they comment on my jewels I vowed to still hand them my card BUT pull out 2 cards, say "let's exchange info" and get their name, address and phone # and let them know I'd be mailing a catalog and following up. Well, I DID IT today for the 1st time. Yes, it was scary but I can do this."

WAY TO GO JACKI, Toot Toot!! :)


For the NEW collection!! Already spotted in the press and selected as Editorial favorites in the Top Magazines, my customers are in love with the new collection! Just in case you still need to sample a few items, here's a list of the TOP favorites put together by home office. Also, be sure to check your lounge for updates on our latest app & new assistant "Dottie" which will help move your check out along alot faster!


ONCE A MONTH, our team gets together to discuss how to succeed at your business. I love attending these meetings because YES, I get to see everyone but I also get to snag some really good ideas on how to approach my business this month. THIS IS A NEW YEAR... KICK YOUR BUSINESS OFF RIGHT! RSVP for our team and local Atlanta area team meeting- August 26th!! All are welcome... stylists $5 and guests free. The reason we have a fee is because the restaurant is limited on space and this will ensure that people who RSVP are almost certain they can attend. Fees will go towards some fun giveaways! Click here to RSVP:

Not in the Atlanta area? No problem! Go to the events section in your stylist lounge to locate a meeting near you.

Have a wonderful month! Go out and blow your own mind... I know you can!

Need help with your business?

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Looking forward to chatting with you. Xoxo, Tosha