Warrior Weekly

December 15-19, 2014

It's That Time Of Year!!!

Just a reminder that this time of year is stressful for all, but especially for young children. Often times they are not looking forward to two weeks away from you or the safe, caring environment they have when they are here! They know they should be excited about Christmas and presents, but often aren't sure what that will mean in their household. Many households are much more stressed this time of year with money concerns, and children often are subjected to that stress in their homes. Everything about this time of year is meant to excite children, and is hard for all of them to manage. Please be overly mindful of the importance of providing extra support, time, and love to our very special kids during this next week.

This Week!!

Penguin Patch Store will be open for students Monday through Thursday in the Little Theater!

  • CLASS Meeting in the Media Center. PBIS meeting in the Conference Room
  • 1:00--Case Conference
  • 1:55--Dress Rehearsal for Music Program
  • 2:00--Speech Case Conference
  • 7:00--Music Program for Grades 3, 4, and 5 (Students arrive in their classrooms at 6:30)


  • 7:35--RTI Team 1
  • 7:45--Dudes and Donuts in the Media Center!!!


  • 7:35-8:35 in the Media Center--SMART Start--Part Two of Close Reading Strategies with Deb Gaby.


  • Grade Level/Department Team Meetings--
  • 9:45--Special Needs Staffing


  • Please be sure to do our unplugging and preparation for the extended break. Refrigerators in the break areas will be cleaned during break, so please help our custodial staff by checking for things you may have forgotten in there!!! :)

Looking Ahead!! January 5--Welcome Back! January 6--End of the mid-term. January 15--PT Conferences!

School Improvement Focus of the Week!

Target Area for Improvement: Mathematics
All students will improve in solving mathematical problems using geometry, measurement, and increased number sense.

Improvement Plan: All grade level teachers will provide individualized math learning opportunities for their students by using programs such as Study Island, Education City, Sumdog, and/or Kahn Academy, as well as numerous other options, to ensure differentiating of instruction and continual review for all students.
What do you want for Christmas?

If you could have anything in the world, without limitation, what do you want for Christmas? It is interesting to watch this short video by Andy Miller. Answering this question is tougher than one might think.

A New Idea for Sharing Student Writing!

This is a collection of in-progress writing from Mr. Fitzsimmons' students. Ruth snapped photos of a current poem from each student, dumped them into a movie maker program, added some music and (15 minutes later) voila -- a great share.