Stella Barrett

Intro to Florida Mangroves

Mangroves are one of Florida's true natives. They thrive in salty environments because they are able to obtain freshwater from saltwater. Some secrete excess salt through their leaves, others block absorption of salt at their roots. Mangroves are commonly found with their roots in water. Mangroves can also be found by themselves or in a group called a mangrove forest.

Abiotic Features






Biotic Features

(Here are just a few)

-Pink Shrimp


-Red Fish


-Snowy Egret



-Yellowbelly flounder

Food web

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Classification of Saltwater crocodiles

Domain- Eukaryote

Kingdom- Animalia

Phylum- Chordata

Class- Reptilia

Order- Crocodilia

Genus- Crocodylidae

Species- C. Porosus

Endangered Species

Key deer- You can recognize it by its size, small. The deer is reddish brown or just plain brown. These deers can swim to island to island

Kemp's ridley sea turtle- . The Kemp's ridley has a triangular-shaped head with a somewhat hooked beak with large crushing surfaces. This turtle is a shallow water benthic feeder with a diet consisting primarily of crabs.


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Some Abiotic & Biotic features & intro-

Human Impact

When humans came near the mangroves, they took them out where they built the houses. They also removed them, where they wanted a better view