1933- Adolf Hitler

By: Erika Van Beek

What's the Big Deal?

Hitler coming into power was significant because when economic depression hit Germany, many people were out of jobs. Hitler, being a powerful speaker, gathered many people and spoke to them. He promised them that there would be change for the better. A lot of people thought it was a good idea for him to be a leader, and they thought that their nation had been saved. Little did they know that many people, mostly jews, would be killed.
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Background Info

After the economy crashed, the Germans lacked any sort of confidence in their government. They thought that Hitler becoming their leader would be like a breath of fresh air. What they did not know, however, was that in just a few short weeks Hitler and his Nazi party would change everyones lives, for the worse. All jews would be sent to concentration camps or death camps where they would be worked to death, or killed immediatly. Children were separated from their families, husbands and wives would see each other for the last time, and many were forced out of their homes. This was a new beginning for some and an ending for others.
Adolf Hitler speeches HD Colour (English Subtitles)

Impact on America

HItler had a big impact on America. Hitler coming to power lead to the Holocaust, causing many jews to die. Many people that were able to escape from the Holocaust came to America to start a new life. Hitler coming to power also led to WWII which, in the end, helped us because it pulled America out of the Great Depression and gave us an economic boost.

Imapct in American Literature

Hitler also had quite an impact on American Literature. Many of the jews that survived or escaped from the Holocaust, were able to tell about it or pass it down for others to tell. There were many books written by them or relatives of them. Many of these books and stories tell about the life they lived and what many of them went through.
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