My way north

Civil War and slave Auction

Slave Auction

Dear Anna, March,3 1818 Here being a slave is a lot of work let but let me tell you the real hard part seeing the kid slaves getting sold and leaving there parents also the the parents leaving there kids. Like when i got sold I felt bad I really wanted to just die.I felt like I was not worth anything. When I first seen kids get sold I prayed and prayed the wouldn't be me but it was I got sold on the 8th slave auction my Mom and Dad was so scared i would never see them again and i haven't since then. What I seen at that auction and felt at that auction may scar me for life.You are lucky you are not a slave and have a mom and dad that u can see so remember don't complain on what u don't have because I don't have anything at all.It was nice talking to you again but promise me you will write back on how you doing.

Fredrick Douglass Story

Question's for Fredrick Douglass

Hey everybody today I am interviewing Fredrick Douglass about his slave life and how he was an Abolitionists.So let's get started .

Allisha: Where were you born.

Fredrick:Well Allisha I was born in Maryland the year of 1818

A:Do you have any children or wife.

F: I actually have two kids and a wife.

A:What where your jobs on the plantation

F: I picked cotton and farming a lot.

A:Oh why did you like to be by yourself a lot.

F:Well Allisha I really did not have no family soI was by myself also I liked to read.

A: Last question how did you feel when you had the fight with the new man on the plantation.

F:You know what Allisha I felt real good and brave also that no one can beat me.

A: Well thank you Mr.Douglass for sharing your story.

F:You are welcome hope I can meet you again see you again.

A: yea you to.

Fredrick Douglass Biography

We all know about this famous man named Fredrick Douglass he was a famous abolitionist he helped black people get there freedom by doing speeches about how having slaves should not be aloud.Also how he was a slave and now has freedom.

In Maryland 1818 Fredrick Douglass was born he like writing and reading and being alone. When he was very young he got token away from his mom.When he was six he also got token away from his grandmother.He was all alone he grew up being a strong man that was an slave of course he was al alone with no family but thats' how he liked being.when was 12 he was getting lessons from his masters wife to read but his mater did not like that so he stopped it.

He planed to escape to become free he ran away one night he got away by acting like he was an sailor on a train.He finally got away. When he got away he start doing speeches about how slavery is really wrong then that's when Fredrick decided to be an Abolitionist.

Fredrick Douglass had lots of Accomplishments he published books and news papers. His book was about him being a slave.It also was about What he to go through being a run away slave. He also was a friend of Lincoln.

Fredrick was the best well known civil rights leader.Fredrick and his wife has five kids Fredrick would spend his time,polishing boots ,reading and writing . When he spent his time polishing boots he would get money and he spent it on a journal he would write things about how he think out his mom when she was gone.

So Fredrick Douglass was an great Civil rights leader was the type of person that like to be alone he liked to fight for people rights I hope you learned lots of things about Fredrick Douglass.


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My underground R.R travel log

So I was born on a plantation. As I grew up I could make a break for it so that's what I did i made a break for it to the woods.I only made it to border north.I missed my family so much I went back to the slave quarters.I left again and made to the road of freedom after i walked and walked and walked........ I was free !!!!

Chancellorsville Civil War!!!!


Dear Mom and Dad,

As you know I was in the Chancellorsville Civil War battle it all started when we crossed the Rappanannock River.Hooker lead us where we needed to be we split into two sides we snuck up on the Confederacy army after that shots where being fired every one got scared all you heard was shots were fired . Then thats when people were dropping like flies.So many people were killed in my army. The Confederacy had the right to defend them selfs that was a real messy war I went through.

I am so happy i am alive keep me in your prayers

Iam happy you text back this war was the

wore thing I been through

Love ,Allisha

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