The Girl of Fire and Thorns

By: Rae carson

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1.) "I shiver at the introductory paragraph, knowing as I read God's history, hoping I'll discover something of my own destiny."

2.) "But here in this place of desperate hope and brutal reality, every single person, adult, and child, lines to be pricked by the rose and receive a blessing."

3.) "I have no idea how to fight the Animagi. But I've given them a chance. Something to fight for. IT will have to be enough."


My review!

By: Krista Vetrone

This is such an amazing book, for many reasons. one of them is which that the Author portrays a young and not some beautiful princess, who has a really important job. She, like many other princess books, has an important role, except this one was given to her by God and there is only one problem, that she is a total derp!

I love that the author took the time to make sure that all of the stories line up with one another. In this book, its not the girl that's weak, it's the king, the not-so-manly-man. Rae Carson put so many wonderful things in there, which, I prefer the girl power proclamation. but, other than that, this is a wonderful fast-paced novel that keeps you on your toes even when you don't know it! I'm always wondering what is going to happen next to Elisa and her people!

I completely recommend this novel to anyone who loves to read about adventure and likes the magic element with a dash of romance!

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