Brian's Hunt

Rocco O'Keefe Gary Paulsen Skinner Block 4


The theme of the novel Brian's Hunt is always care for others. I came to understand the theme when Brian had helped the dog when the bear had attacked the dog and killed the dogs owner. Brian was set out to hunt down the bear and kill it and keep the dog because the dog had saved Brian's life when the bear had attacked Brian.


The setting of the novel Brian's Hunt is in the Canadian woods. The affect on Brian in the novel of the setting is terrible because Brian is on a boat and has to hunt down a bear and kill it. Brian has a very bad past in the woods from having to survive 54 days in the wilderness.



A piece of symbolism in the novel Brian's Hunt is the Dog. I chose the Dog as my piece of symbolism because he is not an important in the beginning but at the end he has a big part in the novel. The dog represented a important event in the end because he saves Brian's life by biting the bear and letting Brian kill it.

Book Recomendation

I enjoyed this novel a lot because this was the last book of the series and in my opinion the best. This novel included a lot of details and it had a ton of action to keep me reading the novel. My rating on the novel Brian's Hunt is a five star rating because of the incredible details and action. I have done three book reports and this one was the funnest because of this book, I had a lot of stuff to write about and to read about. Another thing that I liked about this book was the setting was in a perfect place for this to happen. This book was amazing and I could read it over and over again and love it!