Dummies Guide To Escaping Slavery

By Dylan Mathwig

Step One: The Goal

Want to escape slavery? If so, listen up! If you really want to escape slavery, you have to keep one country in mind. Canada. In Canada, you and your folks can live peacefully and free. Unfortunately, the United States doesn't allow freedom for colored people yet. You have to go to Canada.

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Step Two: Where's Canada?

Good question. To get to Canada, you have to travel in the northern direction as much as possible. Follow the northern star or the moss on the trees. They point north. Traveling by night is a safer method for you to get to Canada. Most folks will be asleep at night and so will their dogs. It's easier to hide at night. You won't be easily visible. Try covering up your scent by treading in water or rolling in mud.

Step Three: What's the Best Route?

The best route to take is going to go to Charleston, South Carolina, and eventually go to Boston, Massachusetts. Another good option is to take a strait path to Cleveland. Once you make it to Non slave states, you need to find conductors of the underground railroad.

Step Four: Who Are Conductors of the Underground Railroad?

Conductors of the Underground Railroad are common white folks or already free colored people more common up in the northern states. They want you to be free too and are willing to assist you in running to Canada. They will provide a meal and somewhere to hide. Then they'll give you some supplies to help you get on your way. Finding them is tricky so be careful who you trust.


Avoid Bounty Hunters that are trying to capture you for your owners money when they capture and return you to where you came from. Don't let that happen. Follow all the above steps in order to keep this from happening. Good luck!

Terms To Know

Darkie: a term used by southerners to describe black people.

Flogging: beating or whipping.

Peculiar Institution: Another term for slavery.

Overseer: Someone who manages the slaves and is allowed to punish them.

Denmark Vesey: A slave who bought his freedom. He was executed for trying to to start a revolt in Charleston, South Carolina in 1822, but his plans were discovered before put into motion.

Nat Turner: A slave that escaped his bonds and led a rebellion in Virginia in 1831. Sixty white citizens died as a result and Turner was executed with 56 others for the rebellion.

Harriet Tubman: A woman who escaped slavery and made it to Canada. She later took many journey's back to the South to help other slaves escape.

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