Sweet Bees Jan News!


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Congrats to our TOP TEN!!!

All these ladies are already on the board and these numbers are amazing! Personally I am increasing my goal this month to 2K now that I have seen the 2K incentive! That is probably 2 in home events, an online event, some individual outreach each day and a business partnership! Break down your goal into how many events it will take to get there and start making phone calls. The hostess incentive this month is so popular! I think that gyms will be a great place to pop up with everyone wanting to get back in shape for the new year, so if you are looking for a business partnership that would be a great place to start- think gyms, yoga studios, pilates studios, small venues looking to give their customers a fun experience through a pop up event with YOU!! You can offer the manager or owner the hostess credits for themselves or to give to their employees as gifts or incentives! And make sure they know it is a great opportunity to draw in customers to their location.

For more ideas make sure to check out our Face Book page each day and book a touch base call with me by sending me a text at 954-536-7632. I am available in the mornings or in the afternoons and evenings by appointment! I will having a Google Chat this week at 8pm right before the National call, so if you would like to join that to discuss monthly goals, planning your month, business partnerships, and any other questions you have just get the link from our team page or text me and I will send it to you.

Here is our Top Ten

Coleen O'Brien $427

Vicki Laude $384

Judie Rahman $154

Lauren Ripple $137

Kathleen Anglero $127

Rachel Beechboard $84

Teresa Baker $66

Sara Torbett $50

Jacqui Smith $40

Awesome Work!!!

Keep reminding your networks about the Semi Annual sale because they are loving it! And make sure to be on the National call tomorrow night at 9 pm to hear all about the month of January including a new capsule collection launching on Jan 12th!! Yep! New jewelry for you and your customers, so make sure to book your pop ups accordingly. Think about hosts that will want to host for you. A new collection is always the perfect time and launch night is always a great night for online sales! Be ready to post pics to your VIP customers and show them how excited you are!!

Finally, remember to use your C+I by invitation invite to invite someone to our team so you can earn this gorgeous set of exclusive jewelry and when they make $500 in sales you get a $50 cash bonus!!

Happy Monday! Janet