Why Do We Sleep?

Why Do we even need sleep?

Cleans up waste and files away memories!

"Think of the body as a car. No car can keep going and going and going without a tune-up or oil change. If it’s not tuned, the car may keep running, but not as smoothly as it did when it was maintained properly. You can think of sleep as your body’s daily tune-up."

When you sleep your brain is still on and working. Your brain can't sleep because it is too busy cleaning up wastes and filing away memories. That's one of the reasons our sleep is so important. If we didn't sleep than it would be like a tangled rats nest in your head because nothing is filed away or trashed if needed. You would probably forget a lot of needed things because your brain isn't big enough to keep so much unfiled work. if you sleep and get those things filed away than your brain has more area to hold more things the more you learn. Your brain is kind of like an office; if you keep a bunch of work on you desk and don't file it away then you won't have any more room to put anything else, but if you file it away than you have more room to put more work.


I agree with everything above because sleep is very needed in our everyday life. If I would stay up all night every night then I would not be able to let my brain flow and bring in new information everyday. Sleep is very important in our everyday life ( Why Do We Sleep Anyway?).

We'll feel better

"Why Do We Sleep? There are some intriguing clues and theories. One obvious clue is that we all feel better after a good night’s sleep, and much worse if deprived of a decent night’s rest. In humans the need for sleep gets so strong after a few days that nothing will keep you awake – with reports of people falling asleep standing up, even whilst being kicked or having intolerably loud music played at them. Within days of having no sleep, people report confusion, forgetfulness and hallucinations."

Obviously we will feel much better after a great nights sleep; we will be happy, not tired, not grumpy, and we will feel alive.


I agree with everything in the box above because a good 4-8 hours of sleep is very healthy for you. You will feel much better after you have had those hours of sleep. A couple of hours of sleep is all it take to feel amazing when you wake up ( Why Do We Need To Sleep?).


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