Niagara Always Falls

Toronto, Canada

Trip to Niagara Falls

My family and I drove to Toronto, Canada for a wedding. While we were there we went to many different places like the CN Tower, downtown Toronto, and the big mall in the center of Toronto, but my favorite place that we visited was Niagara Falls. When we drove up there, the parking lot was packed and everyone was walking around trying to find a place to sit or eat. While my dad tried finding a parking spot, we walked around looking for a good place to stop and look at the water fall. My dad joined us a bit later and we all walked over to the edge of the path way to look T the water fall. It was so amazing! I've been there before I was pretty young so I didn't remember much. We walked back on the path to look at it from different places. It was so beautiful that we spent a lot of time trying to take pictures. There was so much mist coming from the water fall that it all went up into the air and came back down so it seemed like it was raining really lightly.

Scientific Connection

The water evaporates and turns into mist which goes up into the air and comes back down a light rain. This is part of the water cycle. The liquid (water) goes up into the air and goes through the water cycle

Niagara Falls formed when glaciers receded at the end of the Wisconsin glaciation (the last ice age). The Niagara Falls is visible from both the U.S. and Canada but some people say that it is a better view from Canada. From Canada you can also see both of the waterfalls.

I wonder...

  • How many people visit Niagara falls every day?
  • How much water falls down everyday?
  • Has anyone ever fallen in?
  • How deep is it?