Counselor's Corner

by Ms. Robinson

We have had a great start! And it's only getting better...

We have had a great first nine weeks of school! Our wildcats have been learning our Humble Elementary expectations. At Humble, our students always remember:

I am kind, safe and responsible.

Our PBIS system helps us to reinforce our school wide expectations. When we catch students following our expectations, they earn Wildcat WOWS. Those WOWS are turned in once a week and every classroom has a Wildcat WOW winner! The winner gets to come to the main hall, receives a bracelet and draws a number to add to their classroom incentive chart! Every classroom gets to chose fun activities they can do together through out the year.

We are trying to be the best Wildcats we can be!

We need our Wildcats every day!

Attendance is so important for our students in elementary school! This is their time to get a solid foundation in academics as well as learn effective social skills. When a student misses class, they miss pieces of instruction that make it hard to catch up. This can cause a student to feel anxious or upset if they are missing parts of their instruction. We want our Wildcats to feel successful at school, and the best way to do that is to try and be here every day.

We want to thank our students that have perfect attendance. Ms. Trost is starting a Perfect Attendance Club! For those students that attend school 96% of the nine weeks, they will receive a token to say thank you!

Guidance Lessons

This first nine weeks our Wildcats learned how to "plug in". By getting plugged in, students learn who they can talk to when they need help. It's really important that our students know there are so many people who can help them including our staff and teachers here at Humble Elementary. We love each and every one of our Wildcats.

Upcoming Guidance Lessons...

Wednesday, Dec. 3rd 2014 at 7:30am-4pm

Humble Elementary