By Istvan Banyai

A whole new perspective. A different way to look at things. Always changing the setting.


The setting of this book is complicated. It is always changing. But it starts off in a little village, then dramatically changes when the story is over. It ends up in outer space.


There are not any specific characters, but there are a few. There are two little children, a boy and a girl. Soon after that there is a girl on a front cover of a magazine. Then later there is a boy asleep on a ship with that magazine. Then a little bit later in the story there is a cowboy watching TV. Then there is a tribe of people that receive a letter from a mail man. Then the story ends with a plain driver flying over the island.


This book is interesting. There is not much to it, but it has great creativity.

It will show one object, then show you how big the world really is when you look at it in a different way. There is no main characters. There are only characters that are in that certain part. And the name of the book is very important.


The theme of this book is to show you that the world is a very big place. That if you look at some thing, to think out side of the box. The author is trying to show readers to be creative when they think.

My Review

I liked this book, its different and interesting. Its the kind of book that you wouldn't expect yourself to like. It doesn't have much detail, except in the pictures. Each picture is different, and is very detailed. I really liked it, I bet you would too. It's great for just something to look at when you are bored. Or to show to a sibling. Like a younger one that can't read yet and just wants to look at a picture book.
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