textured felt techniques

September 20-21-22, 2019 by Kristy Kun

textured techniques with needled wool

In this workshop rich textures in wool felt are achieved by constructing layouts of thick of needled wool and wet felting them into a densely felted textile. Students will create sample-sized works, learning techniques for ribs, vertical joints and petals. Each student's unique design will emerge from the way materials are shaped, cut and formed.

Open to all skill levels

Combine this with September 19, 2019 1day class Flowers,

see https://www.smore.com/xycp7-sculptural-felted-flowers

online classroom

Students will be given access to Kristy’s online classroom for creating the flowers. This includes the full tutorial, video demonstrations, and chat room for posting questions and sharing results. This is a fun way to stay connected with students and will be a very helpful refresher for working on the flowers at home!


The basic steps for creating this type of work are:

- preparation of materials

- needlefelting and wetfelting

- finishing tight, smooth felt

- sizing and setting shapes

Additional topics of discussion:

- complex materials

- mounting and framing wall hung 2D and sculptural artworks

- using the techniques in wearable works and sculptural objects

about Kristy Kun

"I'm deeply moved by the transformative qualities of wool and plant fibers, which, when plied correctly, parallel environmental transformations; birth, fruition, decay. Formations of water, earth and sky, emerge as if breathing and alive. My hands translate this energy and these textures from nature onto new form using altered methods of a timeless craft, felt"

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disclamer : Images are not exemplary of products that will be exactly made by participants