2015 year review

company advertisment

Nike- Nike came out with some new clothing, and they advertised them extremely well. They made commercials with some of the best athletes in it.

Apple- They recently came out with multiple new products, like the i phone 6s, and the apple watch.

Victoria Secret- With the Victoria Secret fashion show happening towards the end of 2015, the brand became extra popular.

Best & Worst products


Crocs- Crocs weren't very popular until 2015, when everyone started buying them. they have cute catalogs, and stickers to help market their shoes.

i phone 6s- Apple came out with an i phone 6s which comes in many different colors like rose gold. They also have new features like moving pictures.

Worst- Next boards- Hover boards weren't advertised very well, but they became super popular, but they are very dangerous and could hurt you.

Best movies

I thought Star Wars and James Bond were top 2 movies of 2015. Star Wars was advertised in every commercial, like car dealerships used the theme song for all there commercials.

And companies used 007 to represent new items and products. They are also very popular movie series which everyone wanted to see.

Best artists

Justin Bieber- Justin Bieber came out with a new album in 2015 called Purpose. He had a twitter countdown to when his album was coming out to market it.

Selena Gomez- Selena also had a big year for her music, she came out with brand new songs and a new album. Selena Gomez sang in the Victoria Secret fashion show which marketed her music in a very fun way.

top 10 movies

1. Star wars

2. Sisters

3. Daddys home

4. James bond

5. Creed

New years resolution

My goal is to work out everyday, and to make new friends, and also to stay on task with all my work for school.