The Crusades

By: Ellie Hartwig

Inoccent Christan Families

The Crusades were a series of wars between the Jews, Muslims, and Christans. The war afftected many families in many different ways. King Richard, a fighter during the crusades who was Catholic Christan, became very brave and fierce through these wars that took many lives. Anna Comnena, the daughter of King Richard whom she supported his decisions, was shocked and amazed as to how things turned out for the crusades.

Christian's Opinion on the Crusades

Christian's opinion on the crusades was very interesting, and affective torwards others. Anna Comnena was stunned seeing the vast number of crusaders being forced to fight one another. King Richard sold government offices to raise money to have the third crusade. From my perspective the crusades have been harsh on all of us, there is different environments, diseases, and fierce deadly fighting. Everyone is being forced against their will to fight for the crusades, which is horiffying for all families, like mine, watching everyone leave knowing they have to risk their own life. The Pope says it's for the best and it will help us get what we want so they continue to make us raise our taxes.