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What Caves, Fjords, And Cliffs Are And How Are They Made?

A cliff is a mass of rock that rises very high, and almost vertical, like a wall. A cave is a piece of hill with a big hole inside it. A fjord is a long , deep body of water that reaches far land.

A cave is formed by a natural hole or pass way in the earth. A cliff is formed by weathering and erosion. A fjord is a large,deep,narrow body of water that reaches far inland. Also it is a fjord is formed by a glacier.

caves and more.

The echo cave is found in South Africa.The characteristics that make it different by lime stone caves,25 miles long,prehistoric people live in it,and very impressive stalagmites.They are similar to other land forms because they are made out of rock.They also gave shelter to tourist.

The Hot Cave

The Lava Tube Cave is found in Arizona. people search through the cave when it has cooled down. Tourists went in and looked around . So, far they all are made out of different kinds of rock

It's High Don't Look Down!

The Cliff Palace is found in Colorado.Also it is a shelter for people.It looks like a big place for people to live in.The cliff is similar to my other land forms because they are all mostly made out of rocks.

It Is Very Interesting

A Boka Fjord is found in Mountengro. People look at it for tourist.It is for tourist people to explore.They can be shelters for people or tourist people.