By: Wyatt Paul

This is not my hat!

This entertaining story won the Caldecott in 2013. This great author has a creative mind to help this book win the Caldecott. It is informing and persuading people not to steal and can also be a little bit entertaining. It is about a young fish who thinks it is ok to steal a hat. The reason he stole the hat was because it was too small for the big fish but just right for him. He knows that it is wrong but doesn't care. So one night he went to big fish while he was sleeping and he took the hat. Then he went to the place where the plants grow big so that big fish will not find him when he wakes up. When big fish woke up he saw the young fish swimming away with his hat so he followed him into the big and tall bushes and he finally got his hat back and went back to sleep! This is the awesome book "This is not my Hat"!!!

This is not my Hat!

Five interesting facts about this wonderful author of This is not my Hat are: That he was a Canadian writer, illustrator, and animator. Another fact is that he was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada in 1981. The next fact is he grew up around Niagra Falls. He studied animation. And the final fact about him is that he worked on animation for Kung Fu Panda! The reason it won the Caldecott was because of it's descriptive writing illustrations and it paints a picture for the reader. A Caldecott book that is similar and different is don't let the Pigeon drive the bus. Two things that is similar about those two books is both of the two characters that took the things didn't care that they stole that thing, at the end the people that got stolen from get their belongings back! And the two differences are: The colors are different, and one takes place on land and the other takes place in water!

This is Not My Hat - - Jon Kassen