PES Collection Development Plan

2013-14 School Year


The mission of the PES Media Center is to impact our students and staff by providing resources that will assist in the development of successful 21st century learners.

Student Data

Because the library's collection exists to serve the needs of students, the following data was collected to inform purchasing decision.

  • A student survey in the first nine weeks of school
  • Develop a teacher survey about materials that would support their classroom
  • Develop a student wish list throughout the year of materials they were not able to locate in the collections
  • Benchmark assessment data
  • Standarized assessment data

Curriculum Ties

Because of the student data collected above, the following curriculum areas have been identified as collection development priorities:

  • North Carolina resources (by January 2014)
  • Sports (by March 2014)
  • Science informational texts for all grades (by March 2014)

Stakeholder Validation

Because the library serves the entire school community, the following stakeholders were involved in this development plan:

  • Share collection development plan with principal
  • Involve AIG specialist in identifying materials for our gifted students
  • Involve parents


Because library collections exists to serve the needs of students, they will be marketed in the following ways to ensure that they reach the very learners that they target.

  • Will be presented at staff meeting (time frame)
  • Data display/wall (that shows how the materials were chosen using student data)
  • Book display (to show what was purchased)
  • Email sent to staff


Because research shows that students who hav access to high quality library collections that have been currated by qualified school library media coordinators, the following steps will be taken to connect access to these materials to student learning:

  • Example 1 (time frame)
  • In Marc records, create 599 tag that reflect the reason for purchase and can track who check them out and how did it affect EOG scores