Things about religion in ancient China

Some things are like taoism, confucianism, and baoism.

Religion In ancient China

Shang kings believed that they received their power to rule from the gods and their wisdom from their ancestors.

Another Chinese philosophy, known as Daoism also promoted a peaceful society.


Confiuciusm was based on the teachings of a man named Confucius.When he was born, Confucius lived when rival kings fought each other for power.


The word Dao means "path" and is often translated as "the Way." Daoism began with the ideas of Laozi. Daoism teaches people how to live a good life. Daoists believed that people should free themselves from worldly desires and live simply.


A thinker named Hanfeizi introduced the ideas of legalism during the 200 b.c. Hanfeizi believed that humans are naturally evil. Strict laws and harsh punishments were necessary to force people to do their duty.