MAY 2019

Year End Nature Based PreK Newsletter

Wrapping Up

I CANNOT believe how fast the year has gone!

Please be sure to return the RSVP portion of the year end potluck invitation. This has been a very fully year for everyone and we'd love for our class to come together to celebrate.

The growth of the children physically, emotionally and socially has been beautiful to watch. They have become masters of their environment and test their own boundaries daily.

Thank you for joining our first go at nature based preschool! The year has been a year of growth and learning for all of us. We are excited to continue this fast growing educational model as it becomes more valued throughout early childhood education. We look forward to enjoying as much time as possible outside as the year ends and will have snack and lunch outside as much as the weather permits.

We will wrap up the year visiting our favorite places as well as planting the seeds for next year- pun intended!! The play space has been created and modified by/with the children as well as the garden space. We have been enjoying discovering all the growth and seasonal changes- studying the buds, bugs, and birds. The children have developed a great sense of direction, being able to identify East and West easily. We continue to work on numbers, letter sounds and shapes through authentic play. They are becoming masters of patterns and order. Their self sufficiency and working as a class has improved leaps and bounds- they know who to ask, where to find it, how to do it!

As the year wraps up, I'll remind you that the children are growing as much as the plants- they are all pushing themselves harder and need extra rest, despite the daylight growing longer. Times of transition are felt deeper in our little ones and it shows in their emotional processing/impulse control. SLEEP!

This is also my last plug for chores, the summer is around the corner and continuing that strong sense of purpose and authentic work, as well as play, is vital. They have been cleaning the tables, setting up their own cots, getting their own gear on/off and are most often at the ready to help around the classroom/outdoor space. They are great doers. They are capable of laundry, tidying, assisting in the kitchen etc. Try them!


Saturday, May 11th, 4-7pm

Sunset Drive

Waukesha, WI


Come celebrate with the school agers and prek families

It's been a wonderful year of BILC adventures- let's share!


Tuesday, June 4th, 5:30-7pm

School's Glorious Play Space

Please join us in celebration of our first Nature Based Prek school year!

We would love to gather in community for the evening sharing our space and stories


Bring a picnic blanket and/or lawn chairs for the evening

We will gather in the yard unless the weather requires us to be indoors


PLEASE RSVP by returning the attached slip of paper with your attendance and dish to pass!

Don’t forget to post the second reminder copy and load into your calendars!!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

HOMEWORK: Plan and Practice Your Family's Emergency Plans!!