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Human Trafficking Books

If you're looking for compelling and informative books about human trafficking, then look no further!

Slave: My True Story ; By: Mende Nazer

This is the story of a twelve year old girl who was enslaved by Arab raiders in the Nuba Mountains in South Sudan, Africa. The story starts with an introduction about her culture. Her dialogue sounds upbeat and joyful, this however changes as soon as she gets enslaved and sold by Arab raiders in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan. She gets physically and mentally abused, which causes certain changes in the tone of the book. She thinks about escaping but, she realizes it's hopeless. She becomes numb to the abuse and ends up being happier day by day.
History Book Review: Slave: My True Story by Mende Nazer, Damien Lewis, Damien Lewis

Children at War; By: PW Singer

This informative novel is about child soldiers around the world, and how it has become a global problem in modern warfare. The kids in this book are all very poor, have no family, and lack basic necessities in order to stay alive. Often rebel militias that are battling a government will charge into a village, find all the kids living there, and force them into becoming a soldier for their rebel army. The kids are often beaten, killed, and raped by the rebel militia's in the rebel army bases. Kids are also often called to execute other kids that try to escape, or step out of line at the camps. One boy quoted from my story, "One boy tried to escape, but he was caught. His hands were tied, and then they made us, the other new captives, kill him with a stick. I felt sick. I knew this boy from before. We were from the same village. I refused to kill him and they told me they would shoot me. They pointed a gun at me, so I had to do it. The boy was asking me, "Why are you doing this?" I said I had no choice. After we killed him, they made us smear his blood on our arms. I felt dizzy. I felt so sick. They said we had to do this so we would not fear death and so we would not try and escape. S., age fifteen. (64). The kids in these rebel armies feel hopeless and trapped, and their only way out of being a soldier is to be killed on the front lines in battle.
Child Soldiers of Africa

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