This Week In Room 411

Week of November 23, 2015

Progress Reports

Since our grades are online, you always have access to your child's grades. Therefore, I will not be sending out a separate progress report. For second quarter, teachers are only required to send reports to the family of students who are not passing a subject at this point. However, I have or will have, emailed those students that I am concerned about.
Scholastic Book Order (Click Here)

To purchase books on their website, use our class code of GNCFD. We earn points on all books ordered and those points enable our classroom library to grow.

Yes, It's Another Book Order

I know this is book order is coming right on the heels of the last one. However, I wanted to make sure you had a chance to order books in case you wanted to use them as holiday gifts. There are three book orders to choose from this time. The book orders are due Friday, December 4th. Due to your book orders, I have been able to use the bonus points I earn to purchase a class set of new The Island of the Blue Dolphins books.


Sparkle is not meeting this week. Check the office about your specific club. I do know Crafty Kids are meeting, but am unsure about Choir.

Monday, November 23rd
  • T-Day: Library/Counselor
  • Full Band

Tuesday, November 24th

  • C-Day:PE/Music
  • Full Band
  • Character Assembly at 1:00pm-Wear your Starside Spirit Wear today.

Wednesday, November 25th-Friday, November 27th

  • No School-Thanksgiving Break

Monday, November 30th

  • O-Day: Library/Counselor
  • Full Band
  • November Reading and Math Calendars are due tomorrow.



It's a short week, but we still have lots of learning going on. We are wrapping up our study of Veteran's Day. They did so well in analyzing song lyrics, poetry, and identifying theme. I am so impressed with the seriousness and reverence in how they tackled this important and for many, an emotional topic. We'v also worked hard on identifying text structure, and will continue to work with it this quarter.

Be sure to check your child's reading and math calendar. It needs to be current and signed as they are due next Tuesday.

The next Greek and Latin roots pack will go home next week. Enjoy family time instead. It will be the last set before Winter Break.


We will wrap up our study of commas as we learn to use them in direct address. Students should have completed their final copies of their opinion piece. It is now considered homework. Many students have already shared their piece on our Kidblog site.


Last week was amazing! We made so many models and participated in many inquiries. With our CSI Constellations simulation students spent the morning pouring through websites and analyzing evidence in order to figure out the constellation that had been pulled from the sky in our scenario. This was a major lesson in perseverance in that so many students wanted a quick answer. However, once they actually hunkered down and read the research, sheer joy replaced frustration as the pieces of the puzzle fell into place. Many admitted later they were glad they hadn't given up, as the reward of figuring out the mystery was well worth it. They have just a little bit more to finish this inquiry.

When we began our unit, students designed straw rockets and tested the distance they could fly. Now, it's time to return to earth. Students will learn how parachutes were used during the Apollo missions to land the space capsules safely. This activity also helps cover our engineering and design standards. Students will work work in teams to design a parachute with the goal of designing one that will slow down their capsule as much as possible. So, in this case the capsule that takes the longest time to land will be the better design. I will have various materials for the students to choose from for their design. I can't wait to see what they design.


This week students will take a quiz to monitor their progress on dividing whole numbers. This will cover problem solving, using a bar diagram, and one-digit divisors. This will also cover their understanding of math vocabulary for division.

Over the holiday break I would encourage you to have your child work on math facts, either through flashcards or In addition, spend ten to fifteen minutes on to practice our current concepts. If your child has mastered the ones for Numbers Base Ten, then move on to geometry as this is often one that interests students and one they can accomplish independently. Any time your child is requesting more math opportunities, direct them to this site. They are familiar with it.

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So many parents have already signed up. Please consider doing so if you haven't already. Remember that students earn a free mechanical pencil when a parent enrolls in the messaging service.

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