New England Colony

By: Emily Pape

New England Colony

The New England Colony is a fantastic place to go! Each colony was found by someone, at a different time. These people worked hard at first for survival, but after a while life was easier for them. Using the sea and dense forest they actually had an economic success! The Puritans, a religious group that found the Massachusetts Bay Colony had many beliefs and ways of doing things. Even though some people questioned there ways, and were not able to stay, they started a new colony for people that agreed and had other beliefs.

New England Colonies

These are the 4 very interesting New England colonies found by different people at different times. There names, founders of them, and dates found are listed below.

Massachusetts- found by the Puritans, in 1630

Connecticut- found by Thomas Hooker, in 1636

Rhode Island- found by Anne Hutchinson, in 1647

New Hampshire- found by David Thomson, in 1680

The Puritans

Before like I said, the Puritans were a religious group that had many beliefs, and ways of doing things. Actually, they were the only religious group to settle there. Many people had other ways of doing things, and disagreed with the Puritans. Often that lead to trial, and eventually leaving the Massachusetts Bay Colony to find another colony of their own. Other people liked the Puritans ways and beliefs so they stayed.


The colonist had many job opportunities such as farming, fishing, whaling, and trading and shipbuilding industries. Even though they did not have the best farmland with all of the rocky fields, they could still do other things too. Also, they had more then enough fish, which was great because they could fry them and eat them for a meal.
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Trading Opportunities

The colonist traded many things, and received items such as, tea and spices, manufactured goods, buttons, clothes, and shoes. These things were good for making clothes, adding ingredients to their food, and having something to where on there feet. To me, these items seem pretty good to have!
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Yes, sadly there were slaves in the New England Colony. The African slaves were forced onto slave ships, and many had a problem or were sick that they could not cure. When they had arrived, they were sometimes taken away from there families and worked all day in the field or in the house. Luckily, slavery is not allowed any more, because the slaves must have had a horrible time.

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