The Orange Revolution

Ukraine's Revolt over a corrupt government

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What is the Orange Revolution?

  • It was massive protests that happened in Ukraine.
  • Over the 2004 election of the president
  • Between Viktor Yanukovych and Viktor Yushchenko
  • They both got 40% of the vote.
  • This led to a runoff election
  • Viktor Yanukovych won in a fraudulent election
  • The people wanted a reelection because of the claims of election fraud
  • People started massive Pro-democracy protests in Kiev the capital of Ukraine
  • Protests spread to other cities in Ukraine
  • Some protesters even went as far as to seize
  • These protests were named the Orange Revolution because of Yushchenko's campaign color

Viktor Yushchenko

  • Ukraine had declared its independence
  • Viktor Yushchenko helped guide the country from an government to a free market economy
  • Ran for president In 2004
  • Pro-democracy
  • Wanted to carry out reforms
  • Former Communists opposed his efforts
  • Came down with an illness
  • Had dioxin poisoning
  • The Supreme Court cancelled the results of the election
  • Another ballot came with Yushchenko elected as president
  • Served from 2005 to 2010
Ukraine's 2004 Orange Revolution | Flashback | NBC News

The question

The people who participated in the Orange Revolution show their belief system because they protested on a government and a system that they believed to be corrupt and unfair. And they voted for a candidate they believed could fix the government.