*Glam Girls*

September Newsletter

Start September Like A STAR!

Summers almost over which means direct sales businesses will begin to grow (sales tend to decline during summer months). This is a great time to kick start your business in full gear! Promote your business with new parents that you meet through school, offer fundraising to sports teams, dance teams, college students, etc. This is also a great time to grow your team as people may be interested in making money for Christmas shopping.

Make Sure To Stay Active

Make sure you are meeting your minimum purchases otherwise you will drop out of the system and will no longer stay an active designer.

If your business is slow then look for opportunity. Look for local boutiques (there are a lot available Sept- Dec). Use these as a marketing tool - find hostesses, meet potential customers, etc. Hold an on line jewelry bar of your own (create a FB event page), or host one at your home - 'Java and Jewels', 'Breakfast with Bling', etc.... be creative.