Wilson Weekly

Week of September 18th, 2017

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Action Items

  • Medication Administration Training - Team leaders please contact Nurse Jill and set up a time for you and your team to go to the clinic to do medication administration training. It will be a quick training and paperwork will be signed upon completion. If it is easier for her to come to you during your planning period let her know and she will do her best to accommodate those times.
  • Ed Foundation Grants - Consider applying for a grant! More info below.
  • Lockdown Drill - Our first Lockdown Drill of the year is tomorrow. Please review expectations and procedures with your class. Here are a few items to remember - Lock, Lights, Out of Sight (Lock your door, turn off your lights, and move the kids to a location out of sight from the door). Please stay in your lockdown location until an administrator and police officer come to unlock your door.
  • FedEx Credit - Tomorrow is the last day to add your reflection to the FedEx Padlet for Flex credit. https://padlet.com/chilton6/j5gggnitujic
  • 4th/5th Grade - IPR (Progress Report) grades are due in the system by Tuesday morning at 8:00am.

STAAR Update from Dr. Hickey

All learners 3rd-5th may now use dictionaries on reading and writing STAAR. It's now an accessibility feature, not a designated support. Make sure you are helping your learners utilize a dictionary when needed in reading and writing, so they can take advantage of this new support when testing!
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Ed Foundation Grants

The Grant Application Window is officially open and runs through October 18th. I can't encourage you enough to consider applying!

I'd be happy to talk to anyone about specific ideas for your grant proposal.

Check out the PDF below for tips on writing your proposal.

Twitter for Educators

I have loved seeing many of you using Twitter as a means to connect with parents and our community! Sharing photos is a great way to tell our #WilsonWay "story" and share some of the great things happening daily in our building.

A great next step for Twitter, is to begin building your PLN (Professional Learning Network). Your PLN is your virtual network of fellow educators and thought leaders that can be a resource for planning, a source of ideas/strategies, and even a place to give/receive feedback!

The best way to begin/expand your PLN is through hashtags. Check out the list below, and see if any might be of interest to you!

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Wednesday Meetings

I'm sorry to throw a wrench in our plans, but we are going to need to make a switch for the next two weeks! With 5th grade at Pine Cove this week, I'd like to postpone our Team Leader Meeting to the following Wednesday. Here's the plan -

  • Vertical Teams - this coming Wednesday, Sept 20th (originally the 4th Wednesday). Content Specialists - Feel free to use this time to meet with your teams if needed. Also, feel free to hold a virtual meeting and digitally share any info you might have. #NoNeedToMeetJustToMeet. :)
  • Team Leader Meeting - next Wednesday, Sept 27th. Team Leaders - Please email me any agenda items you would like to include.

Week At A Glance


  • 3rd Grade Collaborative Team Time
  • Lockdown Drill


  • 4th/5th Progress Report grade due @ 8:00
  • 2nd Grade Collaborative Team Time


  • 5th Grade Leaves for Pine Cove!
  • 1st Grade Collaborative Team Time
  • K-2 Math Academy
  • Vertical Team Meeting - as needed


  • Kinder Collaborative Team Time
  • 3-5 Math Academy
  • 5th @ Pine Cove


  • 5th Returns from Pine Cove
  • 4th Grade Collaborative Team Time
  • Rise & Shine