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"Men will never be free until the king is strangled"

Who holds the power?

Within a monarchy, the royal family holds the power. Typically, the king and or queen.

Facts about a Monarchy

A monarchy is a form of government ruled by a single person.

The ruler is called king or queen.

Monarchy Country



The monarchy system of authority can help in the advancement of a country through doing away with official corruption. Any act of corruption by officials becomes a great offense against the monarch. The monarch cannot engage in any embezzlement because everything already belongs to her or him (king or queen).


A disadvantage is there will be a lot of protest and not as many rights


Our government is the best because we will have strict laws to keep thing from getting out of control and won't have to worry about it falling apart because we won't have another stranger running we will have a family member stepping up

Stabilize Iraq

It will stabilize Iraq because it will keep people that aren't welcome out of Iraq and it will stay the way it is and won't fall apart and things get out of control