Credit Cards

Plastic Money

Credit cards are an easy way to borrow money, but watch out for interest and bad credit score!


When you get a credit card, you have a spending limit. You can either spend it all at once ( I don't recommend this unless you are buying something big, like a car ), or spend little amounts at at time. If you go over your limit, the bank will charge interest (see "Interest and Fees").

Interest and Fees

The bank will charge you an annual fee for using credit cards. They also will charge you for every new card you add. If you spend over your limit, the bank will charge you interest, way more money than you were supposed to pay. They will charge you 30 dollars a day if you are late or you overspend. They will charge monthly interest if you are late.

Credit score

If you pay back your dept and always stay within your limit, you will have a good credit score. If you don't, however, you will have bad a credit score. If you have a bad credit score the bank will not trust you to use a credit card.

Best credit score:900

Worst credit score:300

Pros and Cons of Credit Cards