Jumping into January!

I hope you and your family were able to rest and enjoy the Christmas season! I was happily greeted by your child on Monday, which makes coming back from a break so nice! This is always a very exciting time of year. I love to reflect on the growth that has taken place, and begin new and interesting topics. Your child will also be introduced to different reading and word attack skills that will help them become a better reader.

Guided Reading: Keeping Our Earth Safe!

This week, your child read stories about our Earth and ways that they can make it a safe, healthy, and better place to live! We read and reread the text throughout the week, and had small group discussions. It was great to hear their ideas of how they could make the Earth a better place and how to be a good citizen.

Here are some skills your child may have worked on...

  • Key details in the text and photographs will help you understand the main topic of the book, or what the book is mostly about.
  • Photographs can give you more details about the main idea.
  • You can ask and answer questions about a story.
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Take a Look at What's Happening in January...

  • This week, we reviewed "a word families" and focused on the -ap word family. Your child practiced writing words, and created a word slide of a boy wearing a cap!
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We Love Literacy Centers!

Our class LOVES literacy centers, and the activities they get to participate in each week. Currently we have a computer, writing/art, word, ABC/handwriting, and a listening center. Your child rotates to a new center each day. I am impressed at their ability to stay on task and their work is outstanding!

The Girls "Writing the Room!"

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The boys listening to the story The Mitten, by Jan Brett, and retelling and sequencing the events!

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Rhyan showing off her hard work, and excellent detail!

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Jonathan being an author! He wrote a wonderful story!

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Tommy showing us the "Word of the Week" - will

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We kicked off our Science Unit by creating a list of the "Signs of Winter." Each student shared one thing that they do during the Winter, or a fact they learned from the non fiction texts we have read about Winter.
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I am amazed at the high level of thinking and problem solving that your child is able to do! Your child is understanding how objects, drawings, counting, and equations can be used to help solve addition problems involving adding to, putting together. They also have learned how to use patterns to add numbers together. We used a lot of manipulatives this week, and our class had a blast! You will see them demonstrating how to count on using cubes, and their ability to create a pattern to add numbers together.
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Take a Look at Nicholette as Star!

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Star of the Week!


Michael sure does know how to put a smile on your face! His cheerful demeanor and kind heart makes him a friend to everyone. He loves to do his best, and really enjoys hands on activities! Michael, we are so happy that you are going to be the Star next week. We hope you have a ton of fun with Boog!
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Martin Luther King Day

January 18th - No School

Book Swap

January 21 at 6:00pm

Multicultural Night

January 29th at 6:00pm

  • We are excited about the opportunity to share different cultures with Center Square School students and families! If you would like to attend, please go on to our website: www.logan.k12.nj.js - under Schools and Offices - click on Center Square School and in the News and Announcements section - click on Multicultural Night to register your family for this wonderful event!