Perswasive techniqes

1st Technique: Endorsment

Endorsement is when a celebrity would recommend or use a product. In this commercial Ashton Kutcher uses a Nikon camera and makes it look good.
Ashton Kutcher's Nikon Commercial - Celebrity Endorsement

2nd Technique: Emphasism

Emphisism is a word or phrase that has something to do with the product. In this commercial the words at the end is Emphisism.
Nike: Short A Guy

3rd Technique: Cutaway

A model that is used in the commercial to explain it better. In this commercial the man talks about the car with the model.
Chevy Vega 'Cutaway' Commercial (1972)

4th Technique: Editorialize

Editorial is when the commercial looks like a breaking news report but it just talks about how good this product is.

5th Technique: Duductive reasoning

Deductive reasoning is a person is bad or dull and when he/she uses the product it makes him/her better at everything.
New DIRECT TV - Don't Fall into a Dinner Party 2012 Commercial (HD)

6th Technnique: Editorilize

Editorialize is when the people have opinions on the commercial saying there mind on the commercial and usually saying a product is better than a different one

7th Technique: Diction

Diction is a style of speaking or writing depentant on choice of words. in this commercial the kid becomes taller and the words at the end is Diction.
best heart Touching ad ever I want to be taller

8th Technique: Denotation

Denotation is using a symbol to help advertise the product. In this commercial the panda helps advertise because every body that likes pandas will find this product cool and they could buy it