London, England

"The best place to be!"

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Where to go

London has many amazing sites. You can visit Salsberry Cathedral, Winston Churchill bunkers, Buckingham palace, Big Ben, London Eye, the Sherlock Holmes museum and see many beautiful theater productions. The city itself is very beautiful, and it is quite enjoyable to walk around the city and look at all the beautiful architecture and watch as the city goes about its daily life.


The weather is typically dreary, and it rains constantly. Its very windy and cloudy most of the time, but when the sun shines it lights up the city. Temperatures normally range from 45 to 70 degrees throughout the year.


There are many small stores around London, and in the most touristy places, venders sell shirts and hats along the streets. Another fun place to go is Harrods. Harrods is incredibly expensive, so its more fun to balk at the prices than actually shop. My grandma and I spent an afternoon there and got some amazing ice cream from The Ice Cream Shop. If you enjoys soccer, or football, you can visit Chelsea or Arsenal soccer stadiums.

The Tube

To get around London, you can take a taxi. But why take a taxi if you can take the tube? The tube is like a train that goes all around London except its underground (its also called the London underground). In the evening it gets pretty crowded, but its still super cool to be riding around underneath the city.

A Quote

"I'd rather be in London," Colleen Hardman, everyday.

Why I Love London

London is a beautiful and amazing city. Everything about London that is different is fascinating. They have different kinds of ice cream, foods and names of certain things, like fish and chips is actually fish and french fries, which is a weird combination. People there are generally pretty nice, too. We got lost twice and both times someone helped us find our way to where we needed to go.