Lexile: 580, RC Points: 22, Author: Watt Key

Symbols That Represent My Character

Character's Name: Gary

  • Wise; Gary is very smart and knows a lot about life even though he isn't very old
  • Strong; He was apart of the special forces in the military, and you need to be pretty big to do that. Also Foster once said "He is the biggest guy I've ever seen.
  • Mysterious; Gary had many secret about his past. He also wouldn't tell anyone why he left is home to go to Texas

Quote That Is Significant To My Character

"Sometimes I wonder if Kabo wants to be on the road with me. The asphalt is hard on his feet. Meals aren't always regular. People can be so selfish when it comes to dogs."

This is significant to him because it shows his compassion for others and how wise he is.


Character Pillar

Compassion is the character pillar I chose for my character. This demonstrates my character because he puts others need ahead of his own. He could have just kept walking to Texas but he saw how much this family needed his help.

Ethan Mayer, 4th Hour, 10/13/15