OMS 8th Grade Newsletter

Important Reminders and Upcoming Events Below! 9/8 - 9/11

Red, White, and Blue attire next Friday, September 11th.

In support of our great nation, all students are asked to wear Red, White and Blue next Friday in remembrance of those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001, and as a thank you to all patriots past and present.

Savannah Information

Reservations are now being accepted for the 2016 Savannah trip. Tour dates are May 11-13, 2016, and the total trip price is $415.00. The first payment, $160.00 is due by October 5th. Payments can be made by check (payable to Otwell Middle), cash, money order or online credit card via the OMS website.

A note about technology use.

Dear Parents,

During the first few weeks of school we have noticed an increase in students using the email function in itslearning inappropriately. Please know that the email function in itslearning is to only be used for educational purposes. Students should not be using the email function in itslearning as a chatting service. The students have recently watched the Responsible Use Policy video during their Instructional Focus class. They are aware that using this tool inappropriately is a violation of our responsible use policy and could lead to the suspension of their technology access. Thank you for partnering with us to ensure that these amazing tools that the students have access to are being used appropriately and responsibly.

Thank you.

Picture Day

School picture day will be on Monday, September 21st. Pictures will be taken during your child’s Connections class. Information will be emailed to families a week before the date with all the information for online ordering through LifeTouch.

Social Studies

Ms. Sessa:

This week finds us learning more about European colonization of the New World with a focus on the colony of Georgia. Students should expect a quiz covering Unit 3 vocabulary and Notes I-IV (Reasons for Exploration – the Reformation/English Colonization) on Wednesday. Also, the first Article Analysis of the semester is due on Tuesday, September 8th. The topic is “Modern Day Exploration”; the Article Analysis template can be found on itslearning.

Ms. Coleman:

Unit One Exam Wednesday September 9th. Study guide distributed Tuesday September 1st during class and is posted in Its Learning on the Planner.

Ms. Salazar:

Homework this weekend is to study for the Unit 1 Test. Students have a purple study guide with some documents attached that they need to study. Answers to the Study Guide are on Itslearning, & we have went over the correct answers in class.

We have two days of review for the first test. On Fri 9/4 we will have an Activeboard Review. On Tues 9/8 we will have a Kahoot Review & students need to BYOT. Our test is Wed 9/9. We have already started working on our Illustrative Dictionary for our next chapter, chapter 8. Students will have some class time to work on this, but it will be homework after Tues 9/8.


Mrs. Holmes (Advanced):

Students have finished up the research portion of the Roller Coaster project. We are now on to designing and building the roller coasters this upcoming week. Students have a nightly 'video' to prepare them for class the next day, as well as, a journal entry for each day!

Mr. McCormack, Mr. Kinneer, and Mrs. Holmes:

We will be exploring forces and friction in the upcoming week. Students will have a test on forces and motion on Friday or Monday depending on the teacher. We will be completing a project in Mrs. Holmes' class about Newton's Laws and Forces that will be due on Friday.


Ms. Pitner and Mrs. Black:

Students have learned about square and cube roots this week. Ask your child to approximate the value of a square root; such as the square root of 123. They should be able to determine the value within a tenth of a decimal!

We have officially covered all of the content in Unit 1. Students will take the first summative of the year on Thursday, September 10th. This test will cover exponents, square and cube roots, rational and irrational numbers, and scientific notation. We will be having a morning review session on Thursday 9/10 @ 8:15. Any student interested in attending should get a pass. There is also help available on Wednesday during study hall. Students will also be reviewing in class on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Mrs. Cooper:

Accelerated/Advanced Math – Cooper – Please check the class website for all assignments (ie. homework, class work, and assessments).


Ms. Campos:

Students took their last formative assessment of Unit 1. We are wrapping up this unit and next week we will have 2 Summatives: One Presentation and a Test.

Ms. Pacheco:

We have been working very hard this past week. I’ve been really pushing the students and they are impressing me with all that they are doing. We are wrapping up this upcoming week with Unit 1. We have a couple more concepts to cover, and then the students will be taking their first summative assessment on Friday, Sept. 11. This test will be over all of Unit 1 vocabulary, Basic Conversation, Articles, Subject Pronouns, and the verb “Ser”. Please encourage your student(s) to seek me out if they need help. This can be through help sessions before or after school as well as through itslearning. Thank you for your continued support.

Language Arts

Mrs. Soles:

Students will continue our novel study, The Outsiders, next week. Please check itslearning for assignments and updates.

Mrs. Barrett and Ms. Sams:

Our first Outsiders quiz is tomorrow over Chapters 1-3. Next week, we will continue to read chapters 4-6, and have a quiz next Friday. A journal entry is due on Wednesday. All activities are on itslearning. Please check there for updates and information.


Mrs. Griffey:

We will be doing our Language! Live books and story review and vocabulary in one class and working on phonics, vocabulary development, and comprehension using textual evidence in the other class.