the 3 branches of goverment

the judicial branch by Olivia P.

The Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch of the goverment is made up of courts. Judges in the court make sure that laws are fair. We have laws to follow, and people who don't follow them have consequences. The Supreme Court is the tallest building in the U.S. It has nine Judges. Judges in the Supreme Court are called justice. The judges also deside court cases between citizens of different states. The president nominates,or picks, the justices for the Supreme Court. However, Congress has to prove each choice. Supreme Court justices do not have a time limit. So, the Supreme Court justices can stay as long as people want them to stay. The U.S.contutition incudes ways to make sure that the three branches work together. These things are called checks and balances. This means that each branch can go over the actions of another. This helps make sure that all three branches share the power to rule. All three branches have the same amount of power.


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