November Newsletter

Spanish IV

What's Going on in Spanish Class?

In class, we have been working on story telling and narrating in the past. We also finished talking about our childhood and current fears. We watched several short clips on monsters to help tell stories in the past. We took a quiz on one of the videos about Vampires to test our story telling ability. Later in the month we took an IPA (integrated Performance Assessment) about nightmares. During this assessment, we watched a video and listened to the plot. In our writing portion we had to illustrate through a story our story telling skills and that we truly understood what the video was about. By the end of the month, we began reading a book called La Llorana and will have a quiz on chapter 1-6 in the beginning of December.

What's Going on in School?

The week before thanksgiving break there is spirit week, which leads up to a big pep rally. Each day students wear different themes such as pajama day and Sharon spirit day. When we returned from thanksgiving break, the language department informed us on a great opportunity. Through the organization "ciee", Sharon students have the oppurtunity to travel to foreign countries during the summer for service, language learning, tourism and more. The link below has additional information.

Song of the Month

The song "Me Voy" is sung by the Vázquez sounds. This song was played during class, because of how it reflects on the book we are currently reading.
Vázquez Sounds - Me Voy, Me Voy (Video Oficial)


The word of the month is escalofríos. This word translated to english is "goosebumps". Throughout November we worked on fears and escalofríos was one of the many words used frequently in class everyday.

Current News: Spain

Earlier in the year we watched a movie about the affect Francisco Franco had on spain. The article below illustrates the recovery of the tragic dictatorship Francisco Franco led. To this day, Spain is still recovering from his dictatorship. The article below describes the changing of street names in dishonor of Francisco Franco. However, the Spanish civil war caused great division in spain's politics and in society, which is still recognized today. Thus, some citizens continue to honor Franco and his regime.

“Civil War Legacy Continues to Divide Spain’s politics and its streets”

“The shadow of Franco continues to be a potent source of division between right and left, despite his death.”


Over the course of the upcoming month a quiz on the book "La llorona" will take place along with a speaking assignment.