Disney sweatshops

'All our dreams can come true' -walt disney❤️

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Where are Disney sweatshops located?

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What products are made in these sweatshops?

Toys, books and clothes
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What are the conditions for workers in these sweatshops? (money, working conditions and benefits)

Money/hrs- daily: 14hrs, 7 days a week and off once a month

mandatory workers: 19 hrs (8 am to 3 am) and sleep on the floors till its time again to start.

sewer workers: 11 to 20 cents an hour; $5.28 a week; $267.12-$275.31 a year

helpers: 7 to 8 cents an hour; $3.16 a week; $164.38 a year

forced: 14 hrs a day: 35 to 42 a week (with overtime); about 4-5 hrs to sleep at night

Junior operators: 11 cents an hour; $5.28 a week; $267.12 a year

Senior operators: 20 cents an hour; $9.60 a week; $488.01 a year

Conditions- cramped rooms, no heat or air condition, no bathrooms, no water, no roofs, really loud and hardly any time off!

Benefits- no health insurence, no vacation days, no paid sick days, no paid overtime discounts for products they sell and no bonuses.

Abusive conditions- beaten, slapped, punched, imprisioned for asking a raise and fired.

--FACT: workers report that they have no hope, no life, and they only live to work

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Did the company respond to accusations that they use sweatshops? If so, what is there response? Do they still use sweatshops?

Yes, on Feb. 1st, hundreds of dismissed workers staged violations protest outside the factory premises, demanding back-wage and compensation, but dispersed by security officials. The report validated the findings in 2005 from SACOM that had alleged sweatshops-like working conditions, far from over.. 'At one level, what has happened is very sad. But its important to bear in mind that Disney is the most important player in the relationship, and it was Disney that failed to correct right violations in the factories or provide management solutions to the problem. If they had taken our suggections seriously, this worst case scenerio wouldnt have happened.' -Jenny Chan
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^the allegations of using sweatshops

How did the Industrial Rev. affect working conditions today?

More things were being built and made, so the machines did most of the work for them. This affected the people by losing their job. It described a subcontracting system in which the middlemen earned profits from the margin between the amount they received for a contract and the amount they paid to the workers.

What solutions or alternatives are there on sweatshops?

Guide lines: payed more, having health insurance, work less a week, less hours, more free time and longer lunch breaks. Management help people out a lot like: one day a week, ending abuse and mistreatment, payed over time workers and provide a proper place aside to eat.

What did I learn?

I learned that it is very stressful for people to support for their large families. Many people couldn't have good food, shelter, health and clothing. I feel its wrong to put young kids at risks for working for an adult job. Thousands of people died because of all that hard work that they have to get done in so many hours and if they didn't finish that they'd get punished.

As an American consumer, are you now more concerned with how the product you buy are made? why or why not?

Yes i do believe, because i dont want to think that someone had to work like that or someone young just so that i could have it or to have it cheaper. I'd rather pay more from companies that pay their workers more and are nicer to them.

Have a magical day! -Disney workers :)

------By: Alexis johnson❤️------

sites: globallabourrights.org ; kyvl.org ; truth-out.org