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Tired of war filled Sparta? How about traveling to Athens. Athens is where democracy was born. At night it is cool but curing summer it is hot and dry. Frost here is a rare sight. Named after Our patron goddess Athena, Athena provided us with an olive tree as a gift. Education is very important here, we believe producing good citizens is the purpose of education.Our beautiful art is boasted upon and our culture is to. Athens is surrounded by the beautiful Plains of Attica it provides good conditions for farming. Within Athens there are agoras which are market places where you can buy goods like lettuce, onions or household items.Here in Athens there are three magnificent temples made out of marble. The Acropolis was the best one out of the three. Also to honor our beloved patron goddess Athena we built the Parthenon, inside is a huge is a huge statue of her. Athena was our god of war and wisdom. So why don't you come down to Athens sometime.

Ask Pythia

Your chance to seek advice from the oracle at Delphi, the voice of Apollo

Dear Pythia,

I am a young warrior living in Sparta, everything is so intense here. We are expected to live hard lives as soldiers. From the age of seven I have been trained for battle, I have endured all measures of pain in order to gain strength, I have marched without shoes and I am not well fed at all. My problem is that I am eighteen years old and I am ready to join the army, I want to fight for my city/state and I have done all the necessary work to be able to fight but I have to be twenty to join the military. I am thinking about sneaking into battle with the army, should I?



Dear Agitated,

You will one day become a great warrior but you must complete your training. In the future, if you choose to sneak in, I can see the Gods becoming very angry. Zeus our God of the sky shall rain his powerful lightning upon you and Posiedon shall flood the army you sneak into with seawater and you shall destroy the cause you worked so hard to help. So go through the remainder of your training, it is the right path.

sincerely ,


Competing in Olympic Games

Men of Greece, today after the four year wait the Olympic Games are about to begin. First athletes must train for a little. During the games there will be 5 festivals. On the third day, we will sacrifice 100 cattle and then burn them in an alter to honor our gods and goddess. The competition will be composed of footraces , chariot races, wrestling, discus throwing, javelin throwing , boxing and pancratium. Pancratium is a combination of boxing and wrestling. Athletes are allowed to bite, kick, choke and strangle each other. During this event, athletes may be injured or killed. Women may not spectate or participate. Women caught in the act of doing this will be punished with death. Winning is the greatest achievement, the victors must be able to provide a large victory banquet. The winner will be crowned with a wreath from branches of a sacred olive tree growing by the temple of Zeus in Olympia. During the games there will be a truce throughout Greece so athletes can travel safely to compete. As all athletes will compete for honor not material goods. So if your an athlete why don't you compete?

Obituaries: Archimedes

We are deeply saddened to announce the death of great scientist and mathematician, Archimedes. He was killed two weeks ago when the Romans finally managed to invade his hometown of Syracuse, Sicily after a two year siege. A Roman soldier broke into his home while he was working on a mathematical diagram, the soldier demanded that he meet with the Roman general Marcus, when Archimedes refused he was killed.

Archimedes was born in the town of Syracuse around seventy years ago. He was most well known for his theory of buoyancy which states; A body submerged in a fluid loses as much weight as the weight of an equal volume of that fluid. Archimedes was also an accomplished inventor, among his many inventions are; the compound pulley and the Archimedes screw which is very helpful in drawing water out of a source. He was also known for harnessing the power of the lever, Archimedes once said. “Give me a place to stand and rest my lever on and I can move the earth.”

As an accomplished mathematician Archimedes discovered that any sphere with a radius is four times that of it’s largest circle. He also calculated that the volume of a sphere is two thirds that of a cylinder that it is inscribed in.

His life took a major turn when the Romans began invading his hometown of Syracuse. He responded to this challenge very loyally however, and used his skills to invent weapons to assist the town’s military and even suggested the use of mirrors to set enemy ships on fire.

Archimedes, who was preceded in death by his father Phidas who was an astronomer, led a very accomplished and true life so may Hades be just to his soul as he enters the afterlife.

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By: Owen Gast and Kainoa Brunner-Nguyen